How do I design my code so that when the user presses a button, a sound plays?

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I have coded 5 songs and a function that will play those songs. I have also designed an app layout to display a play button for each of these songs. My issue now is that I'm unsure how to code the buttons in order to play the songs. I've done a lot of research and can't find anything that works for this project. I've attached my code here:
function kburnside_project()
fs = 44100;
uiwait(msgbox('Hello welcome to the music selection program where you can listen to a Christmas song of your choice!'))
stop1 = rest(4,fs);
stop2 = rest(8,fs);
stop3 = rest(16,fs);
a_4 = key(52,4,fs);
b_4 = key(54,4,fs);
c_4 = key(56,4,fs);
d_4 = key(57,4,fs);
e_4 = key(59,4,fs);
f_4 = key(61,4,fs);
g_4 = key(63,4,fs);
a_8 = key(52,8,fs);
b_8 = key(54,8,fs);
c_8 = key(56,8,fs);
d_8 = key(57,8,fs);
e_8 = key(59,8,fs);
f_8 = key(61,8,fs);
g_8 = key(63,8,fs);
a_16 = key(52,16,fs);
b_16 = key(54,16,fs);
c_16 = key(56,16,fs);
d_16 = key(57,16,fs);
e_16 = key(59,16,fs);
f_16 = key(61,16,fs);
g_16 = key(63,16,fs);
song1 = [e_8 e_8 e_4 e_8 e_8 e_4 e_8 g_8 c_8 d_8 e_4];
song2 = [g_16 a_8 g_16 e_8 c_8 a_8 g_4 g_16 a_16 g_16 a_16 g_8 c_8 b_4 f_16 g_8 f_16 d_8 b_8 a_8 g_4 g_16 a_16 g_16 a_16 g_8 a_8 e_4];
song3 = [c_16 c_16 c_8 b_16 b_16 b_8 a_16 b_16 a_16 e_4 a_16 b_16 a_16 e_4 g_8 a_16 b_16 a_16 f_4 d_16 e_8 f_16 g_16 a_8 g_16 d_16 e_16 f_16 g_4 a_16 b_16 a_16 b_16 a_8 a_8 e_16 e_4];
song4 = [c_8 b_16 a_8 g_8 f_8 g_8 a_8 f_8 g_16 a_16 b_16 g_16 a_4 g_16 f_8 e_8 f_8];
song5 = [c_4 b_8 a_8 g_8 f_8 e_4 d_4 c_4 g_8 a_4 a_8 b_4 b_8 c_4];
function wave = key(p, n, fs)
t = 0:1/fs:4/n;
idx = 440*2^((p-49)/12);
mid = (t(1)+t(end))/2;
tri = -(abs(t-mid)-mid);
tri = tri./max(tri);
wave = (sin(2*pi*idx*t)).*tri;
function wave = rest(n,fs)
t = 0:1/fs:4/n;
tt = 4/n:-1/fs:0;
wave = 0*sin(2*pi*t).*exp(tt);

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cr il 18 Dic 2022
In the app you will see callback functions for each button. Eg you right click a button and select add buttonpressed callback and appdesigner (or guide) will create a placeholder function for you to put the code in. Inside the callback just put the code that plays the sound. Also for playing sounds audioplayer() is simpler to use.
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cr il 19 Dic 2022
Is your song playing when the equivalent code is put in a script without functions?

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