3 point radius of curvature of a circle

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SANA il 19 Dic 2022
Commentato: cr il 19 Dic 2022
Hi if i have a single pore, and i have calculated pore boundries already, and i have matrix of x and y cordinates of the pore.
How can i calcualte radius of curvature of 3 points of that pore. Thank you

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cr il 19 Dic 2022
Just fit a circle through the xy coordinate data and you would get centre and radius. See
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Matt J
Matt J il 19 Dic 2022
Why does that matter? Obviously you can repeat the process for every set of 3 points that are of interest.
cr il 19 Dic 2022
I agree with Matt. You can do permute and repeat the circle fitting process for all combinations.

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