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Multiple paired t test on data with groups

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Hamad Bin Muslim
Hamad Bin Muslim il 19 Dic 2022
Risposto: Muskan il 23 Mar 2023
Hi, i have a dataset that contains dielectric values from two locations. I want to conduct paired t test on it. The data is for 1000 feet, so I want to decide it into 50 feet intervals and thus consuct 20 t tests and save the results into a table. I have imported the data and specified the groups (from 1 to 20) in the first column. Now I want to write a code that recognizes the entries for each group and conduct the test; thus, will get 20 t tests (one for each group). How can I do that without splitting and saving the data for each data subset?

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Muskan il 23 Mar 2023
Hi Hamad,
As per my understanding of the question you can use themultcompare function. You can refer to the following documentations for reference.
I hope this helps.

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