Simulink Real-Time Explorer TET: How to determine which task each TET is referring to

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After running a simulink model on my target machine, my system log shows multiple TETs, each with different averages and max times for each task. How do I know which task it is referring to? I've tried exploring the target object on matlab by:
tg= slrealtime()
% this returns:
% 1×3 struct array with fields:
% Rate
% TETMin
% TETMax
% TETAvg
% TETMinTime
% TETMaxTime
However, it does not point to any signal within my simulink model.

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli il 22 Dic 2022
By default, there is one task for each sample time in the model. Therefore, if you look at the sample times in your models, you can identify the related task:
If you explicitly partition your model, there might be multiple tasks with the same sample time. In that case, you can identify the tasks by their name. Here is an example:


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