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How to fix memory usage in Code Prover ?

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Husnu umut Okur
Husnu umut Okur il 27 Dic 2022
Risposto: Anirban il 3 Gen 2023
Hello, I use codeprover 2020b and after reading documentation i saw optimal working processes are 4 and every core needs minimum 4GB ram but when i run the code prover it uses only 1 GB ram and it takes a lot of time to finish analysis.
  1. Do i something wrong because program does not use 16 Gb ram it uses only 1 gb ?
  2. How can i make codeprover faster ?
  3. With same configurations and the same project runned in differen computers but results were different, why ?

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Anirban il 3 Gen 2023
There could be many possible reasons why Code Prover is running slower than expected. See Reduce Memory Usage and Time Taken by Polyspace Analysis.
For more help understanding what might be happening in your case, please contact MathWorks Technical Support. See Contact MathWorks Technical Support.




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