about setting setBlockParameter (blkParam, paramVal)

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I have a qusestion about setting setBlockParameter.
In example,
blkParam is 'Gain' and 'Position'.
Question for here.
  1. Are these 'Gain' and 'Position' is designated text arrays in Metlab?
  2. Can't I set it to my own text I want?
In example.
paramVal is '40'
Question for here.
3. I want to change value '40' to 1x4 maxtrix [1 0 0 0], how can i change the value?

Accepted Answer

Paul on 29 Dec 2022
A1. Gain and Position are block parameters. Position is a paramter that is common to all blocks. More info here Common Block Properties Gain is a block parameter unique to the Gain block. More info here Block-Specific Parameters.
A2. No, you can't change the names of those parameters, only their values.
simin = setBlockParameter(simin,'vdp/Mu','Gain','[1 0 0 0]');
Of course, you have to make sure that the model will still work with that value for Gain.
Paul on 30 Dec 2022
Sounds like you have it sorted out. Good luck with your project.

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