Implementation of varying-order integrator block in Simulink

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I would like to implemant a higher order integrator block with time-varying orders in Simulink. See attached picture, the order the integrator varies in time and is set in run time. I think it might be implmented in a similar way as the varying transfer function block. I would appreciate if anyone could give some suggestions. Thank you!
Yi Yang
Yi Yang on 29 Dec 2022
Hi Paul,
The block is supposed to do an n-fold integration of the input signal, the order n should be time varying during the run time. Varying transfer function block (see link: implements a higher-order transfer function with time-varying coefficients. In the varying transfer function block, however, the order N is an internal parameter set before the run time.

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Answers (1)

Paul on 29 Dec 2022
Thanks for the link to the Varying Transfer Function block.
I'm still not 100% sure what your're looking for. But maybe something like this.
Assuming that N is less than some known maximum value Nmax ....
String Nmax integrators in series, tap off the output of each and Mux those outputs together, then use the input parameter N to select the desired signal from the Mux output.
Or, use the State Space block to implement the state space model Nmax integrators in series with an identity matrix for the C matrix, and then use the Selector to pick off the desired output.




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