Why am I receiving this error?

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Christina on 31 Dec 2022
Edited: Paul on 31 Dec 2022
a = 3*cos(pi)-2*ln(3)+e^4
Error: File: matlabassignment1.m Line: 9 Column: 19
Invalid text character. Check for unsupported symbol, invisible character, or pasting of non-ASCII characters.
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Christina on 31 Dec 2022
a = 3*cos(pi)-2*log(3)+e^4
is also invalid

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Accepted Answer

Paul on 31 Dec 2022
Edited: Paul on 31 Dec 2022
Assuming you want a numerical evaluation, check out these doc pages: log , exp

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Matt J
Matt J on 31 Dec 2022
Try deleting line 9 and retyping it.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Dec 2022
In between the n and the ( you have unicode character decimal 8289, which is known as "Function Application". It is an invisible character in most fonts
Note: e^4 should be written as exp(4) and ln(3) should be log(3)
There turn out to be relatively few programming languages that use ln to indicate logarithm.


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