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How to recover Mat data?

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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar il 8 Gen 2023
Commentato: Sadiq Akbar il 9 Gen 2023
I had saved my worksapce data with the name 'abc'. This had many variables some of which were scalars and some of which were vectors and even some of them were matrices. I loaded it by using the command:
load abc
All its data was loaded in the worksapce. Then I changed the name of one variable and then used the commands:
clear all;clc
After this I saved again the workspace by using the command:
save abc
Then I realized that clear all and clc had erased my whose worksapce data and save abc just saved my epmty worksapce. But it was very late then. Even I pressed the CTRL+Z keys to undo it but in vain. Now how can I recover my old abc file data?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 8 Gen 2023
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 8 Gen 2023
Sorry, there is nothing you can do at the MATLAB level. Time to use the regular backups that you have been making.
(If you are using Windows then one of "undelete" programs might perhaps be useful.)
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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar il 9 Gen 2023
Thanks a lot dear Walter Roberson for your kind response. I would have done that but I have started running the codes once again to collect that data again though it will take time. At least I came to know with your help that there is no command available in MATLAB for recovering this. Thanks once again.

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