How to Dynamically change Model Workspace variables for changing block parameters

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Hi everyone,
I want to change Rigid Transform block parameters dynamically during working simulink. And I see, I have to create Model Workspace variables and I have to change them dynamically. During simulation, the Rigid Transform block parameter will change (for example its rotation) according to simulink matlab function output results. Is it possible? Or is there any limitation of simulink?

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Paul on 8 Jan 2023
Assuming the Question is in regards to this block, Rigid Transform, it seems that dynamically changing the parameters of the block is counter to its intent. What are you really trying to do? Perhaps there's a more natural way to do it in Simscape Multibody.
It almost sounds like you want to specify a type of Joint between two bodies and then specify the relative motion at the joint. Perhaps start from this doc page to review the various Joint options and the links therefrom for how to specify joint motion.
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hlt on 8 Jan 2023
Edited: hlt on 8 Jan 2023
I want to add some graphical representations just help see something better in simulations.sorry for my english. I have tried to use rev. joint in multibody but unfortunately I couldn't. I'm trying to measure the slope of a line consisting of 2 points.And the length and slope of this line are constantly changing depending on other parameters. These parameters are producing in simulink matlab function.

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