select points in a plot with the mouse

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Luca Tognetti
Luca Tognetti il 9 Gen 2023
Commentato: Luca Tognetti il 9 Gen 2023
Hi! this is my app in app designer. I'm new in matlab and app designer.
the main features that my app does is to load an image file (a plot) by clicking on "Load IMAGE". the selected plot will appear in the plot area in the middle of the UI. Then, after clicking on "Axes Calibration" I would like to select some points in the plot with the mouse and store the [x,y] value of the selected points.
How can I write the function that stores the value of the clicked points??
thank you in advance

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Cameron il 9 Gen 2023
Modificato: Cameron il 9 Gen 2023
Are you using a UIAxes to show your image? If so, you can do something like this:
function UIAxesButtonDown(app, event)
C = get (app.UIAxes,'CurrentPoint');
XValue = C(1,1);
YValue = C(1,2);
And from there you should be able tovcalibrate the points from your graph and the image.
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Luca Tognetti
Luca Tognetti il 9 Gen 2023
thanks for the reply, yes I'm using UIAxes.
Anyway this function doesn't work. When I try to print the x and y value nothing come out

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