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identifier "oo" is undefined error in polyspace bug finder

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When I run Polyspace, I get "identifier 'oo' is undefined" error.
I need to specify a relative path of header file which defines identifier 'oo' instead of absolute path to solve the problem.
But, I don't want to fix my codes which have absolute path of header files in all files.
So, what should I do to fix this error instead of changing the path of all header files "absolute" to "relative"?

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Anirban il 18 Gen 2023
Do you mean that you have a #include to a header referred by it's absolute path? This should be automatically detected without even having to add the include folder to a project.
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선영 il 18 Gen 2023
I added the include folder to my project, but that problem continues.
Christian Bard
Christian Bard il 19 Gen 2023
It would be great to send complet log file to Technical Support

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