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Why do I receive this TLC processing error: need to rebuild my my model because of incomplete records in the .rtw file.

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I was following instructions from the Build Process part. After building the ecaxt model and running the command
tlc -r basic_grt_rtw/basic.rtw basic.tlc -v
I kept getting this error:
And this is the data it indicates:

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 14 Gen 2023
Your MATLAB code at the top of this post is for Simulink model "basic" but the error message and RTW file is for model "basic2". Did you use the wrong RTW file?
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Xunkai Hu
Xunkai Hu il 16 Gen 2023
Thanks for your response, Mark. I guess that doesn't matter. I put the wrong screenshot, but the original model "basic.slx" did not work out ethier.
The purpose here is to get the information from *.rtw file manually. I think it is supposed to get that from any generated model. I start to wonder if this toturial is compatible with 2022a.
Xunkai Hu
Xunkai Hu il 29 Gen 2023
It works after removing these lines in my *.rtw file. The 'SLData' seems not to be accessed by the cmd command.

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