what does this error mean and how to fix it the image i imported was rgb and this error popped ,when its gray it works fine

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Jan il 13 Gen 2023
Modificato: Jan il 13 Gen 2023
Please do not post code as screenshots, but as text. Then it can be used to create an answer with copy&paste.
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Jan il 13 Gen 2023
imshow can handle RGB images as [M x N x 3] arrays and gray scale images as [M x N] matrices. The latter can be a logical matrix also as BW image.
In your code a < 100 creates a logical array of the size [M x N x 3], which is no valid input for imshow. Maybe you want:
double(a < 100)
% Or
any(a < 100, 3)
% or
all(a < 100, 3)

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