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Starting the AddOn Manager from the command line

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I am trying to write some routines to assist users with automatically updating software. It would be helpful if I could run a command that would open the AddOn Manager but so far I can't find one. Does one exist?
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Chris il 16 Gen 2023
Modificato: Chris il 16 Gen 2023
Or run matlab with a script that runs matlab.addons.install.
Not much functionality available in that--you'd have to overwrite everything, unless you can find a way to check the versions online. Hardware support packages are updated more frequently, and have a more useful function.
Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell il 16 Gen 2023
I am looking for a command to load the Add On Manager GUI rather than run the update on my software. The reason is that the user might want to explore what the changes are before comitting themselves.

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Chris il 11 Feb 2023
Modificato: Chris il 11 Feb 2023
I've just run across the Matlab Package Manager, though I'm not sure it would be helpful for your case either.

Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha il 18 Gen 2023
You can use matlab.addons.install()” to install an add on through command line. Here is the example code the demonstrates that
Please refer to the following documentation for more details:
You can also use The MATLAB Production Server Add-On Explorer provides a graphical interface to find, install, and manage MATLAB Production Server add-ons.
Please refer to the following documentation for more details:
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Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell il 19 Gen 2023
The Production Server is an optional toolbox. I can't assume my users will have it so it's not a solution, sadly.
The "pathtool" command opens the GUI for modifying the MATLAB path. Is there no command to open the already built-in Addon Manager GUI?
cui,xingxing il 6 Mar 2024
Modificato: cui,xingxing il 6 Mar 2024
Current command "matlab.addons.install" only support install .mltbx toolbox file, if i have .mlappinstall file(suitable for App) and .mlpkginstall file(suitable for hardware support package) need to programmally install,how to do it?@Aditya Jha
Now I remember MPM is nice install tool. Thanks for @Chris 's mentation.

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