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Compatibility check for matlab products with targetlink

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I have further questions about the integration of the Polyspace and Matlab-Simulink-Stateflow and targetlink-:
1) For cross integration or partial integration- can we execute the analysis on polyspace application, including for custom code as well? It is not needed for us to execute the analysis on matlab command window.
2) Will Polyspace 2019a support analysis of Targetlink-22.1 generated code (and compiled with microsoft compilers). will the combination of Matlab 2021b, targetlink 22.1, polyspace 2019a work?

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Anirban il 24 Gen 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 26 Gen 2023
1) For cross-release integration, you can run on generated code using pslinkruncrossrelease (introduced in R2021a).
2) Your Polyspace version must be the same or later than the MATLAB version. Therefore, the combination you are suggesting will not work.
However, you can contact MathWorks Technical Support in case there is a workaround for limited use cases.

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