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can I take pca analysis of columns extracted from pixel values of a converted to gray image?

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starting columns and ending columns
I made a code that outputs the pixel values of the columns from an image.
meanpixelvalues(i) = meanpixelvalues(binaryImage(masks));
I then applied pca analysis to the pixel values and the pca code output 1:
coeff = pca(meanpixelvalues(i))
coeff =
but I don't think that's physically possible and i'm wondering what did i do wrong to get a value of 1 and what does the columns of an image mean?
Thank you.
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Neo il 20 Gen 2023
StartingColumns =
Columns 1 through 7
1 435 869 1303 1737 2171 2605
Columns 8 through 13
3039 3473 3907 4341 4775 5209
endingColumns =
Columns 1 through 7
434 868 1302 1736 2170 2604 3038
Columns 8 through 12
3472 3906 4340 4774 5208

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 20 Gen 2023
You can do it. I attach an example where I did it for an RGB image where each column was one of the color channels converted into a column vector. But if your variables (features) are individual channels of a gray scale image, like you said, it's difficult to interpret. Why do you want to do it if you don't know what the PCs would represent?
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Neo il 20 Gen 2023
sorry I attached the wrong image. But I think my main question is how to extract pc from an image that can be plotted on a graph not from color channels.

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