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Is it possible to create customized navigation sensor model like Instrument Landing System(ILS) to be used with the insEKF class using positionin​g.INSSenso​rModel class?

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I have used acceleromter and gyroscope data to estimate the orinetation, then I added the GPS data to also estimate the postision using the insEKF.Now to improve the accuracy, I want to add data from instrument landing system (ILS) to increase the accuracy,however I get errors when I want to use measurement method to customize sensor model to be used with the rest of the sensors in fusion model.
Any help or comments will be highly appreciated.

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Muskan il 24 Mar 2023
Hi Amir,
As per my understanding of the question, yes, it is possible to create a customized navigation sensor model like Instrument Landing System (ILS) to be used with the “insEKF” class using “positioning.INSSensorModel” class in MATLAB. To create a custom navigation sensor model, you can subclass the “positioning.INSSensorModel” class and implement the necessary methods for your sensor model.
I hope the above information resolves your query.

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