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Converting an array slicer to Python

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HC98 il 28 Gen 2023
Risposto: sam il 17 Apr 2023
I have this code in MATLAB (attached below) and wondered how I'd go about converting it to Python seeing as it keeps giving me an error "TypeError: only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index"
l0= -200
l0 = -200
hi = 20
hi = 20
x = ones(27000, 1);
udata = ones(27000, 10);
x1 = x((x>lo)&(x<hi));
Unrecognized function or variable 'lo'.
u1 = udata((x>lo)&(x<hi), :);

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Chris il 28 Gen 2023
Modificato: Chris il 28 Gen 2023
Here's a demonstration.
import numpy as np
lo = -200
hi = 20
x = np.ones((27000,1))
udata = np.ones((27000,10))
columnMask = (x>lo)&(x<hi)
cn = columnMask.nonzero()[0]
u1 = udata[cn,:]

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sam il 17 Apr 2023
This error message suggests that a function or operation is expecting an integer scalar index (single integer) as an index, but is instead receiving an array or a non-integer value. This can occur when attempting to index or slice an array with a non-integer or non-scalar value. To resolve this error, ensure that the index being used is a single integer and not an array or non-integer value. If working with arrays, consider using integer indexing or slicing methods to access specific elements or subsets of the array.





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