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How to save the value of a variable inside a for loop in the MATLAb workspcae in each iteration (real-time)

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I have a simple for loop here and I would like to save the value of variable "a" in each iteration at the MATLAb workspcae. Becaseu I need to read that variable from workspcae simoultaneously and use it in Simulink. I do not need that value after completing the for loop (I could save it in a list), I need that value in real-time (once it gets updated) becaseu it will be used in a Simulink file as an input in real-time.
for i=1:10

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Souvik Das
Souvik Das il 31 Gen 2023
'global' or 'persistent' might satisfy your usecase. Attached below are the documentations for both:

Roya Salehzadeh
Roya Salehzadeh il 9 Feb 2023
I found the solution and wanted to share it here. The "set parameter" function in MATLAB could be used to adjust/change the value of a parameter inside a simulink model in real-time.

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