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Convert Simulink model to DLL (with input from spreadsheet)

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Hi all,
I am trying to create a DLL from a Simulink model that reads in data from an Excel sheet. A minimum example of the model would look like this:
To convert the model into a DLL, I am using the Embedded Coder with the Shared Library Target according to various explanations found online. I was able to convert other models before, but now that I have included the "From Spreadsheet" block I am getting the following error:
Error encountered in block Model/From Spreadsheet
Caused by: From Spreadsheet block supports rapid simulation target and the following simulation modes: Normal, Accelerator, and Rapid Accelerator.
Has anyone faced this probem and found a workaround?

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Suman il 16 Feb 2023
Hi Lennart,
As per my understanding, the "From Spreadsheet" block might not support code generation that involves building ERT or GRT targets, or using SIL or PIL simulation modes. So, in your case, ERT target (i.e., Embedded Coder) is not supported.
A possible workaround could be using "From Workplace" block after saving the spreadsheet content into a workspace variable. Please have a look at the following MATLAB documentation pages for reference:
I hope this information will be helpful to you.


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