currentProject() function in Parallel Computing Toolbox

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I have a workflow that uses the MATLAB project functions to retrieve information from the MATLAB project. I use currentProject() to get the matlab.project.Project object.
I am trying to run this workflow using the Parallel Computing Toolbox, but seems that the MATLAB project is not available in the MATLAB workers.
Tested it using this code:
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'Processes' profile ... Connected to the parallel pool (number of workers: 2).
Error detected on workers 1 2.

Caused by:
Error using currentProject
No project is currently loaded.
Does the MATLAB project gets transferred into the MATLAB workers, or only the MATLAB path?
Any workaround about how can I pull the Project Reference information in a distributed environment?
Thanks in advance!

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 14 Feb 2023
You can open the project on all workers before the loop with parfevalOnAll.
rf = currentProject().RootFolder
parfevalOnAll(@()openProject(rf), 0)
parfor ii = 1:4
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Isaac De La Cruz
Isaac De La Cruz il 15 Feb 2023
Thanks @Sean de Wolski! This solution works.
Unfortunately for me, the MATLAB projects has a lot of overhead during startup, so I decided to take another approach of storing the information from the MATLAB project before distribution.

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