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uitable tooltip for long entries

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 15 Feb 2023
Modificato: Mario Malic il 16 Feb 2023
Hello guys,
In uitable component, when there is not enough room for text to display, tooltip will be displayed with the full text. When the content of a cell is an numeric or cell array, it will show i.e. 1x4 cell. Is it possible to modify the tooltip functionality to display the content of these cells in a textual way such as below?
{'3', '2', 'text', 1}
Is there some callback that I haven't seen?
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Sachin il 16 Feb 2023
Your problem is not clear. What do you want ?
Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 16 Feb 2023
Modificato: Mario Malic il 16 Feb 2023
Thank you for the reply.
The tooltip in the picture below is displayed because it does not fit the column width.
I want to display the tooltip for this 1x2 cell to the cell contents {'3', '2'}.

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