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Add Laplacian noise to 1D data

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Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin il 17 Feb 2023
Risposto: Sugandhi il 17 Feb 2023
White gaussian noise can be added using the below function
out = awgn(in,snr)
Is there a function that can add Laplacian noise? Is it using this randl function?

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Sugandhi il 17 Feb 2023
I understand that you are searching for a function that can add Laplacian noise to 1D data.
R = randl(N) returns an N-by-N matrix containing pseudorandom values drawn from the Laplacian distribution. randl(M, N) or randl([M,N]) returns an M-by-N matrix.
To add Laplacian noise to your data you can use this randl function.
For more understanding, kindly go through the following links –

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