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Is it possible to create 32-bit .NET Assembly using MATLAB 2017 or MATLAB 2020 ?

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using MATLAB 2017 , I can create 64-bit .NET Assembly but Is it possible to create 32-bit .NET Assembly ?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Feb 2023
Some of the code generation products have the ability to generate 32 bit code. I do not know whether MATLAB Compiler SDK has the ability to generate 32 bit assembly.
There is a difference here between 32 bit link libraries (for use by 32 bit executables) and the ability to execute the matlab execution engine itself in 32 bits. Consider for example a protocol such as TCP: the different sides of a tcp connection do not need to be running on the same number of bits or the same architecture. .NET Core is specifically designed to be cross-platform and allow communication between different architectures.

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Muskan il 20 Apr 2023
Hi sambit,
As per my understanding of the question if the library is compiled with R2016a or later, then only 64-bit MATLAB Runtime is available and the compiled library can only be used by 64-bit applications.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Apr 2023
However, if I understand correctly .NET Core is able to handle multiple architectures. .NET Core was deliberately designed to support multiple architectures and remote execution.
R2017* did not support .NET Core, so for R2017* purposes the argument is moot. And I have no idea what the interface technology is. (If it were a Unix system I would expect it to use an IP protocol,along the lines of RPC with XPC... but it isn't a Unix-based architecture.)

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