File too complex to analyze, function maybe too large?

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Mikel il 27 Feb 2023
Modificato: Jan il 27 Feb 2023
I have 5 functions which I'm translating from matlab to a dll (fregCentrCorGCpp.m), then I load it in my c++ visual studio project. I'm trying to convert this specific function but I'm strugling with this error that I get everytime I use the coder tool from matlab.
The file is too complex to analyze. Simplify the code to improve code maintainability. For example, reduce the number of operations in expressions.
I attached my m file, dont know what I can do to solve the problem.
For example I successed translating other functions such as "fregM.m" file, also attached.
Which is the difference? maybe too many variables?
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Jan il 27 Feb 2023
Modificato: Jan il 27 Feb 2023
Try a simplified version:
  • Calculate the function directly instead of creating a huge function handle.
  • Use constants for the most frequently used function and some repeated numbers.
  • Split the expression to different lines.
See the modified attached file.


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