Create polyspace project(*.psprj) from command line

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How to create polyspace project from (*.psprj) from command line

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Anirban il 16 Mar 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 16 Mar 2023
You cannot create a blank Polyspace project or a project with source files from the command line (unless you are using a build command, see at the end). A Polyspace project is meant for use in the Polyspace user interface, so creating it in the user interface makes most sense.
If you are following a command-line workflow, you can bypass the project creation altogether. See one of these:
Having said that, if you have a build command, you can create a Polyspace project from that build command using polyspace-configure. But to run analysis using that project, you have to open the project from the user interface anyway.

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