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Java Byte array to uint8 array

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Jason Klebes
Jason Klebes il 1 Mar 2023
Commentato: Jason Klebes il 3 Mar 2023
I call java functions which return what is supposed to be a uint8 image with values from 0 to 255.
import java.ij.*;
I = ij.ImagePlus('filepath'); %read an 8bit image from file to java.ij.ImagePlus object
Idata= Ip.getImageStack().getImageArray(); %getImageArray() an array of Java Byte s
Idata % a matlab array of int8 values
In Java, it's a ByteArray with 8-bit entries. On returning the data to matlab, the Byte type gets automatically converted to int8, not uint8.
The numbers are in range -127 to 128, not 0 to 255.
How can I force the Java Byte to be interpreted as uint8, OR convert matlab int8 to uint8 afterwards?

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Jan il 1 Mar 2023
siz = size(Idata);
Idata = reshape(typecast(Idata(:), 'uint8'), siz);
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Jan il 2 Mar 2023
Why arrayfun? Does this indirection have a benefit?
Jason Klebes
Jason Klebes il 3 Mar 2023
I thought to save on a reshape operation and a line, but actually your vectorized version is much faster.

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