identifier "SRSS" is undefined while doing polyspace analysis

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while doing the polyspace analysis , I got an error "SRSS" identifier is undefined.
I have added all the header files required in the subfolder paths also. "SRSS" is a "#define" which comes from another header file where I have added all the "#define" in a new polyspace.h header file. This polyspace.h has been included in the environment settings("include").
How to fix this error? I can't change any source files as I am not the owner of the source files.
I am using "greenhills" compiler and target processor as "ARM64".

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Anirban il 16 Mar 2023
Your workflow should have worked. For instance, this simple file:
void foo(void) {
int x = SS;
Will show the 'undefined identifier' error.
If you analyze this file with the option:
-include 'path\to\polyspace.h'
With the content of polyspace.h as follows:
#define SS 1
The error goes away.
You can contact Technical Support for more help with the problem.

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