How to delete a row in a editable table in an app?

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Hello, I already programed an "add row" button but I don't know how to program a "delete row " button.I tried to copy the same function and add a - instead of a + but it does not work. I'll attach the captures with the code, including the FCN start up callback. Thank you

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 5 Mar 2023
Modificato: Mario Malic il 7 Mar 2023
idx = app.UITable.Selection(1);
app.UITable.Data(idx, :) = [];
Selection varies whether you have MultiSelect on or off. Check this document if you have MultiSelect on
Below is Walter's comment from the comment section.
%inside callback
fila = app.UITable.Selection;
if isempty(app.UITable.Data) || isempty(fila); return; end %table is empty or nothing is selected
app.UITable.Data(fila(1),:) = []; %delete what is selected
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Giulia Di Giorgio
Giulia Di Giorgio il 6 Mar 2023
Thank you Walter it works perfectly :)!

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