How can I delete an empty callback?

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Giulia Di Giorgio
Giulia Di Giorgio il 6 Mar 2023
Commentato: Dinesh il 7 Mar 2023
Hello, I created a callback I'm not going to use but I don't know how to delete that blank space generated.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 6 Mar 2023
Is this in GUIDE or in App Designer?
Giulia Di Giorgio
Giulia Di Giorgio il 6 Mar 2023
App designer, already solved, thank you either way

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Dinesh il 6 Mar 2023
Hi Giulia.
If your question is related to App Designer in MATLAB, then you have to first find the "Code Browser" tab on the left side of the interface and then open the "Callbacks" tab in it.
In this view, you can right click on the callback that you want to delete and then click on "Delete" to remove the callback.
Doing this removes the blank space in the code tab of the app.

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