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Compare vector to two other vectors

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DucciVinci il 9 Mar 2023
Risposto: DucciVinci il 9 Mar 2023
I'm struggling with the following binning task:
I have three vectors of different sizes k, m and n. My goal is to get an -matrix in which the -th entry simply counts how many elements from the k-vector are simultaneously smaller than both and .
So basically I want to do something like but with one of the inputs as a matrix rather than a vector.
Is there an efficient way to do this?
Of course I can and have also done it with a loop, but that seems terribly inefficient especially since the k from my simplified example is actually really large. Trying to write everything in -Matrices results in too large arrays unfortunately.
Thanks in advance!
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 9 Mar 2023
"Of course I can and have also done it with a loop..."
Can you show what have you tried?
Also, please attach your data using the paperclip button. It will be helpful in providing an answer to your problem.

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DucciVinci il 9 Mar 2023
Ah I'm sorry, I completely forgot about matrix multiplication.
Solution actually is pretty simple:
Transpose the k-vector and compare with both other vectors using implicit Cartesian expansions, giving logical arrays of sizes and .
Now just transpose the -matrix and multiply, killing the k-dimension.
Not quite used to matrix multiplication with logical arrays, but it makes a lot of sense here.
Sorry to have bothered you.

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David Hill
David Hill il 9 Mar 2023
for j=1:length(u)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 9 Mar 2023
I think what you want is to use histcounts2 to calculate how many numbers fall into each bin between m(k) and m(k+1) [and between n(k) and n(k+1)] then call cumsum twice, once to sum across the rows and once to sum the matrix from the previous call down the columns.


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