Warning: X does not support locale en_US.UTF-8

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After application of R2022b_upd5 on linux mint (21.1 Cinammon) I always get the following warning at the startup: Warning: X does not support locale en_US.UTF-8 But the MATLAB has proper "locale" feature:
>> feature('locale')
ans =
struct with fields:
ctype: 'en_US.UTF-8'
collate: 'en_US.UTF-8'
time: 'en_US.UTF-8'
numeric: 'en_US_POSIX.UTF-8'
monetary: 'en_US.UTF-8'
messages: 'en_US.UTF-8'
encoding: 'UTF-8'
terminalEncoding: 'UTF-8'
jvmEncoding: 'UTF-8'
status: 'MathWorks locale management system initialized.'
warning: ''
Any idea what is wrong after update5?
Michal on 21 Apr 2023
@Cheliza Everything (!!!) mentioned in your comment does not work at all.

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Accepted Answer

Michal on 13 Mar 2023
Edited: Michal on 16 Mar 2023
Official TMW statement:
"This is a warning message that can be disregarded and it has no impact on the functionality of MATLAB. A future update for R2022b and R2023a will remove this warning. Using previous updates of R2022b will not display this warning."
Russell Sun
Russell Sun on 1 Jun 2023 at 18:14
R2023a_Update2 ... still the same problem.

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Jestzer on 10 Mar 2023
Edited: Jestzer on 19 Apr 2023
This seems to be an issue for R2022b Update 5 and R2023a on any Linux distro. My installs on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Arch have all done the same thing after going to Update 5. I have not found a workaround yet and will update this post when I do.
EDIT: The only reasonable workaround I've found is launching MATLAB with matlab -r clc

Rik on 9 Mar 2023
Isn't X the window management system? That would suggest this is not necessarily related to Matlab itself.
This thread is for Ubuntu, but you can give the commands a try anyway.
Or you could try 1 Google result below, which is a decade old, but is specific to Mint.
Bryan Paton
Bryan Paton on 10 Mar 2023
Sorry I should add my specific message (differnet locale to OP) is:
Warning: X does not support locale en_AU.UTF-8

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Willi Mutschler
Willi Mutschler on 10 Mar 2023
Edited: Willi Mutschler on 10 Mar 2023
Same here on Pop!_OS 20.04.


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