How can I transfer data from an UItable to de app code? in order to use that data for another calculus

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Hi, I created an UI table on the app I'm coding but I'm having multiple issues. I want to plot that data, also use it for another calculus and I want to launch warning messages when wrong data is given by the user, but when I run the app it shows no errors but does nothing with the data I gave it, I'm suspecting I need tu use the "catch" command but I'm not sure, and I a don't know how to use it either. I'll attatch code and picture. Thx.
global tabla
switch Knob
case 'Q vs t (parciales)'
switch true
case tabla < 0
f=warndlg('Tanto las alturas (cm) como los tiempos (s) deben ser mayores a 0')

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Amal Raj
Amal Raj il 13 Mar 2023
Hi Giulia
global tabla
tabla = app.UITable.Data;
h = cell2mat(tabla(:,1));
tP = cell2mat(tabla(:,2));
tT = cell2mat(tabla(:,3));
if any(tabla < 0)
f = warndlg('Tanto las alturas (cm) como los tiempos (s) deben ser mayores a 0');
if strcmp(app.Knob.Value, 'Q vs t (parciales)')
plot(app.UIAxes, h, tP);
I replaced the switch statement with an if statement that checks if the 'Knob' variable equals a specific value. I also used the 'any' function to check if any element of 'tabla' is less than zero in the second switch statement.

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