App Designer advanced or comprehensive tutorial for audio input, processing, display and control

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Hi all, I'm looking for resources on more advanced features or programming within Matlab's app designer tool. I want to implement some code involving the pitchnn (CREPE neural network pitch detection) function and a pid controller into a GUI but must admit I'm not too handy with the code design and workflow for an app. Most tutorials are seemingly quite basic, whilst examples a bit more complicated - I'm somewhere in between it seems, and am wondering how to bridge the gap to turn what I have as a .m file script into a functioning application. Any tips??

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Rik on 13 Mar 2023
A GUI is not something special. It is only a tool to gather user inputs before calling your function and display the output of that function. That is why tutorials are basic: once you have learned how to use a button and an edit field, you can make your GUI as complex as you need it to be, but the fundamentals are actually the same as those basic ones. There is just a lot more code.
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI, have look at this thread.


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