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How to get a csv file from matlab

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yasaman il 13 Mar 2023
Risposto: Mathieu NOE il 15 Mar 2023
I have a matrix in matlab that has 8528 rows and 1000 columns in matlab.(8528 smples)
How can I extract and save a csv file from this matrix?
I want to save this csv file in order to use it in another programming language except matlab.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 15 Mar 2023
nothing complicated here - try this , I used a smaller array size for the example but it should work for your larger array
% 8528 rows and 1000 columns array
A = rand(85,10); % let's try first something smaller
% select which rows / cols you want to export
r = (10:20);
c = (3:4);
B = A(r,c);
% export


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