Why does gpuDeviceCount report 0 in the latest release of MATLAB?

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I have just upgraded to the latest release of MATLAB on a machine with GPUs. But gpuDeviceCount is now returning 0. If I run gpuDeviceCount in my older release of MATLAB I get the correct answer. Why is this happening?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 21 Mar 2023
gpuDeviceCount and gpuDeviceTable are designed to never error and will report 0, or an empty table, when ​​​​either no GPU is detected or MATLAB is unable to use the GPU.
To diagnose the exact cause please execute:
>> gpuDevice()
This will give an error message with details on why MATLAB cannot access the GPU. The most common fix is to update to the latest graphics drivers for your card.

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