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count nan of different rows

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Victoria Pilar Quesada García
Risposto: Stephen23 il 21 Mar 2023
I have this that adds 485 rows and more than a thousand columns but many of the values ​​are NaN, I would like to count how many of those values ​​are numbers but in each row. that is, each row represents data from a sensor and I want to know which sensor provides more numerical data
clear all;close all
load 'TG_sshobscorr.mat'

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Stephen23 il 21 Mar 2023
S = load('TG_sshobscorr.mat');
D = S.sshobscorr;
Try either of these:
N = sum(~isnan(D),2)
N = sum(isfinite(D),2)

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