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How do I go about solving the following optimization problem?

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I am new to solving optimization problems. I have the following
I would like to find the values of Specmin and Specmax for the 4th and 5th rows, given the values in the other rows. Its a maximization problem.
Thank you for the precious help
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Matt J
Matt J il 22 Mar 2023
Modificato: Matt J il 22 Mar 2023
In what way is it a maximization problem? What is being maximized?
Samy RIMA il 23 Mar 2023
Sorry for the confusion, I would like to maximize the Specmax (I) values on the 4th row, right hand side. I have the remaining values.

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Muskan il 21 Apr 2023
Modificato: Muskan il 21 Apr 2023
Hi Samy,
As per my understanding of the question, you can use "optimproblem" to maximize the Specmax(I) values.
You can also refer to the below documentation of "optimproblem" and "OptimizationProblem" for a better understanding.


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