In this code, how can I add a time function for how long it takes to draw the graph?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Apr 2023
You could add tic before the plot() and drawnow(); toc after the title()...
But really you cannot measure it. Once the graph objects have been finalized they are sent to an independent graphics thread for rendering, and there is no way to measure the time taken in the rendering.
And you have to be specific about graphics execution time: do you include the time required for the graphics card to execute? Do you include the time for the graphics card to send the pixels to the display? Do you include the time for the display to draw?

Joe Vinciguerra
Joe Vinciguerra il 4 Apr 2023
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Apr 2023
graphics are not sent to rendering until the graphics queue is flushed:
  • pause()
  • drawnow()
  • waitfor() /uiwait()
  • figure() or uifigure()
  • return to command line because program ends or because of debugging or keyboard()
So in the above, the graphics would not have been sent to rendering at all until after the toc()

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