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How to force enable GPU usage in fitrgp

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M N il 7 Apr 2023
Commentato: Ive J il 9 Apr 2023
When i am using Regression learner app , and select 'Use Parallel' option for training, i can see my Nvidia GPU ( compute 7.2) being used.
But when i generate function from it and try to run from script, it wont, Can we set something in script to use GPU from script.
i tried Gpuarrays and tall array and both are not supported by fitrgp.
regressionGP = fitrgp(...
(X), ...
(Y), ...
'BasisFunction', 'constant', ...
'KernelFunction', 'exponential', ...
'Standardize', true,...
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M N il 8 Apr 2023
Modificato: M N il 8 Apr 2023
is there somethings specific you are not able to understand?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 8 Apr 2023
In MATLAB Answers, each user can communicate in whatever language they feel most comfortable communicating in. If a reader has difficulty understanding, then the reader can ask for clarification of particular parts... or the reader can move on to other questions.
There is no requirement that people post in English -- and if they do post in English then it is fine if they used a machine translation that might get words or capitalization or contractions wrong compared to "perfect" English. We are here for Mathworks products, not for complaining about typographic mistakes.

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Ive J
Ive J il 7 Apr 2023
fitrgp does not [yet] support GPU arrays. You can easily scroll down the doc page and check "Extended Capabilities" for each function. UseParallel as the name suggests, will invoke parallel computations.
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M N il 9 Apr 2023
Thanks for explaination, my bad, just in pursuit to get maximize usage of my GPU/CPU, i am thinkings stuff beyond documentation.
In screenhot below, when i run app, i see 7% GPU usage on my computer as soon as i hit train button on Regression Learner app.
So ledme to think that something in app or Matlab instance itself is trying to run on GPU itself, while running fitrgp. but i think its Regression learner's UI that is using the GPU not fitrgp, fitrgp seems to consume the CPU itself.
Is there a plan by Mathworks to add gpuarray support for fitrgp?
Ive J
Ive J il 9 Apr 2023
For that you need directly to contact TMW :-)

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