How to stop counting an element in a for loop when it reaches the limit?

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Hello everyone, i have a for loop that increases from 1 to 3600 and i want an element inside that loop , that will be either 1 or 0 , but when it reaches 18 lets say, i mean if 1 is repeated 18 times in the loop i want it to stop having values of 1 , so the rest will be 0 again. Can anyone help please?

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene il 26 Mar 2015
Is this what you mean?
SomeNumbers = zeros(3600,1);
for k = 1:3600
RandomNumber = rand(1)-.8;
% Make a note when RandomNumber>0:
if RandomNumber>0
SomeNumbers(k) = 1;
% Quit the loop when 18 RandomNumbers have been >0:
if sum(SomeNumbers)==18

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