Plotting a circle using geoplot

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Nur Zawani Rosli
Nur Zawani Rosli il 16 Apr 2023
Commentato: Nur Zawani Rosli il 19 Apr 2023
Hello! I am having problem with plotting circle on a geoplot graph. Usually the circle would look nice and complete on the map.
However, I am plotting the circle at the end of the graph (near 180 deg E) which causes it to form this weird semi-circle that extends to the other side of the map to form a complete circle. How do I allow the plot to continue even after the end of the map?
Here's the result I keep getting and the code I'm using.
lat = -42.737;
lon = 173.054;
satlat = eq(:,2);
satlon = eq(:,3);
subplot(1,5,[4 5])
geolimits([-70 -10],[150 190])
hold on;
r = km2deg(db);
[latr,lonr] = scircle1(lat,lon,r);
hold on;
h = geoplot(latr,lonr,"LineWidth",2,...
t = h.Parent;
t.LatitudeLabel.String = "";
legend ('Dobrovolsky radius','SWARM B')
sgtitle('SWARM B - 13 Nov 2016 (05:23:33 - 05:39:40)')
Here's what it usually looks like and what I wanted.
Thank you :)

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Dave B
Dave B il 16 Apr 2023
Would wrapTo360 help here?
[latr,lonr] = scircle1(lat,lon,r);
title('result of scircle1')
title('result with wrapTo360')
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Nur Zawani Rosli
Nur Zawani Rosli il 19 Apr 2023
Yes, thank you. It works! :)) Btw, I'm also having problem with the latitude, is there a way to standardize the latitude ratio? The star marker was supposed to be at the middle of the black line. But since the latitude stretches at latitude above 60 degree, the marker looks smaller and is not placed nicely at the middle. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you again!!

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