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Dependency report for a mixed code of Matlab and Simuilink model

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I have a Matlab code that calls several Simulink models. There are not a few functions involved, and some .fis files and .mat files.
I am looking for a way to have a detailed dependency report.
So far, I found this function:
It's not bad, but it misses the Simulink models (and Simulink as a product), and it doesn't give any indication about files other than .m files.
What is the best way to do that?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 29 Mar 2015
You can generate Model Manifests from Simulink models, which gives you all this information.
Given that your "top-level" artifact is a MATLAB file and not a model, it might be worth putting all the files you need into a Simulink Project . Then, you can run a Dependency analysis on the whole folder. This should pick up all sorts of different file types as dependencies.
- Sebastian


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