How to see the Simulink Graph?

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Mahdiyar il 30 Mar 2015
Commentato: Mahdiyar il 30 Mar 2015
Hi everyone
I run simulink file and I want to draw a graph. During the simulation the graph windows show the result of each time but at the end when the simulation is finished the graph is croped meaning that it shows the graph from a specific time to the end instead of 0 to end. For example if the simulation is supposed to be run from 0 to 4e-6, the graph window shows the plot from 3.5e-6 to 4e-6. See the attached image.
Is there any mistake on the simulink setting?
Any hep is appreciated.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 30 Mar 2015
You need to disable "Limit data point to last" in Simulink scope setting. see below...

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