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How to plot 3_D graph of function K*exp(-r^2/R^2) where "r" is the radial cordinate and "R" is the variation of R along the thickness

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 26 Apr 2023
Is this the output you want to achieve?
f=@(y) (R-(((R-r).*(d-y))./d));%{where re is R, and r is the ri}
Qfun=@(x,y) q.*exp(-(x.^2+y.^2)./f(y).^2);
Qhandle = fsurf(Qfun,[-5 5 -5 5]);

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Ganapathi Subramanian
Ganapathi Subramanian il 26 Apr 2023
Modificato: Ganapathi Subramanian il 26 Apr 2023
Hi Alok,
It is my understanding that you want to plot a 3D graph for the given function. Use ‘fsurf’ function to plot 3D graph for the given variables ‘r’ and ‘R’ and the function.
fsurf(@(r,R) f)
% where r,R are the variables and f is the function.
Please refer to the documentation for more information regarding ‘fsurf’


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