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Rendering problem with surf and trisurf

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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 2 Mag 2023
Risposto: Nicolas Douillet il 4 Mag 2023
When I use surf or trisurf functions to plot a 3D plane made of several ploygons (triangles or squares for instance), I encounter this rendering problem : some inside edges remain visible, even with the use of 'shading interp', and / or light / camlight (see the sample picture attached below)
This problem occuration depend on the camlight and the view angles.
I have tried to enable / disable many options (disable / none edge witdh especially ), but I didn't manage to solve it yet.
I run Matlab 2019b (but I don't think this is linked to this specific version)
Could you please help me ?
Thank you by advance, Mathworks mate :-)

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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 4 Mag 2023
Any clue ?
Thank you.


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