Polyspace Bugfinder Percentage of code checked for run-time errors 0%

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Hi Matlab and Matlab community,
The result of my polyspace bugfinder scan of our repo shows
Polyspace Bugfinder Percentage of code checked for run-time errors 0%, Am I missing an option to enable run-time errors check here?
Does anyone know what this mean?
Chapter 3. Polyspace Run-Time Checks Results
stll show defects normally

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Anirban il 6 Mag 2023
Which Polyspace report template are you using for generating the report? It looks like you are using the Developer template, which applies only to Polyspace Code Prover results. If you are generating a report from Polyspace Bug Finder results, you can use a template such as BugFinder, BugFinderSummary, etc.
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Anirban il 8 Mag 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 8 Mag 2023
If you generate a report from the Polyspace Bug Finder results in the user interface, the report templates will appear in the Run Report dialog. For more information on the workflow, see Generate Reports from Polyspace Results.
If you are following a command-line workflow and using the -report-template option of polyspace-bug-finder or the polyspace-report-generator command, you have to specify the template file (.rpt) explicitly. All template files are located in polyspaceroot\toolbox\polyspace\psrptgen\templates\. Here, polyspaceroot is the Polyspace installation folder, for instance, C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R2023a.

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