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Line overlay in lane detection

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Yusuf Ikmal
Yusuf Ikmal il 10 Mag 2023
Risposto: Muskan il 15 Mag 2023
Hello and greetings. Does someone knows how to overlay the lines produced right at it original position? Based on the attached image, the lines original location should be around below half of the image. Here I also attached the model and video used to do the line detection. I dont have any idea on how to fix this. Hope someone can help me. Thank you a lot.

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Muskan il 15 Mag 2023
Hi Yusuf,
As per my understanding, The Fit Lanes and Overlay subsystem is enabled by the Driver. It performs the necessary arithmetic required in order to fit a polynomial onto the lane coordinate data received at input, and then draws the fitted lane and lane coordinates onto the Birds-Eye image.
You can refer to the following documentation for a better understanding:

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