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How to find audio samples from MFCC?

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I had calculated MFCC of audio frames. I have to reconctruct audio samples from MFCC.
Please provide guidance.

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Muskan il 19 Mag 2023
Hi Shilpa,
As per my understanding of the question, you can reconstruct audio samples from MFCC in MATLAB using the following steps:
  1. Load the audio file into MATLAB.
  2. Extract the MFCC coefficients from the audio file.
  3. Use the idct() function to convert the MFCC coefficients back to audio samples.
  4. Play the audio samples.
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Shilpa Sonawane
Shilpa Sonawane il 19 Mag 2023
Ok ma'am. I will use idct() function. Thank you so much ma'am.
Shilpa Sonawane
Shilpa Sonawane il 19 Mag 2023
I have used idct function to reconstruct audio samples. when audio signal is played, it is random signal. But i have provided input signal as a mfccs of 'Digit-1'. wrong audio samples are reconstructed.
please provide guidance.

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